Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George

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A Sing-A-Long and Lullabies soundtrack for the film Curious George by Jack Johnson and friends including Ben Harper, Matt Costa, G. Love and others. Songs include Inside Down, Broken, People Watching, Wrong Turn, Talk of the Town, Jungle Gym, We're Going to be Friends, The Sharing Song, The 3 R's, Lullaby, My Own Two Hands, Questions and Supposed To Be. Full length CD with 13 song collection.


  • Full length CD with 13 song collection
  • Released in 2006
  • Run time is 86 minutes

Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George Review By

Admit it: If you had to pick an artist to give voice to the wackadoo thinkings of a monkey beloved by most of the American populace over age 3, you could do a lot worse than Jack Johnson. Black Eyed Peas? Too hyper. Death Cab for Cutie? Too ironic. They Might Be Giants? Too eggheaded. Johnson, though the object of much rightful jealousy--here, after all, is a guy who only stumbled into music and vaulted himself up the charts after a successful career as a pro surfer--turns out to have the goods to do H.A. Rey, Curious George's creator, proud. Fans familiar with Johnson's earlier discs will recognize a certain laconic sprawl and easy fascination in his songs that suits the theme of perpetual puzzlement perfectly (here, let's not forget, is a guy who racked up fans with songs called "Bubble Toes" and "Banana Pancakes"). That the music takes a childish turn barely registers--songs like opener "Upside Down" are classic Johnson, all wonderment and groove, and the collaborations with friends Ben Harper, G. Love, and Matt Costa warm up, wink, and scamper off before packing on the weight of excess meaning. "We're Going to Be Friends," track seven, seals the deal--when you can make the White Stripes sound compatible with the Man with the Yellow Hat, you know you've got a multi-generational winner. --Tammy La Gorce

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