AvianBay Acrylic Window Bird Feeder with Sliding Drawer Seed, Water Tray, Drain Holes, Rubber Covered Metal Perch, Suction Cups and Box, Large

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AvianBay Acrylic Window Bird Feeder with Sliding Drawer Seed, Water Tray, Drain Holes, Rubber Covered Metal Perch, Suction Cups and Box, Large Image

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Like to watch birds but can't get close enough?

- Only watched birds through binoculars?
- Want to learn about birds and see their feathers up close?
- Looking for healthy entertainment for your kids(or cats)?

AvianBay's Premium Window Bird Feeder is what you're looking for!

Designed to allow you to see wild birds up close from the warmth & comfort of your home, providing your family wild entertainment! It's exciting to see wild birds closer than most people have ever seen them! Kids and adults alike will enjoy watching wild song birds eating and drinking, sometimes they even jump off the perch right into the seed! You can offer a variety of seeds to attract different species as well as water or juice.

Attaches quickly with 3 powerful, storm-proof, removable, slide-on suction cups allowing you to periodically remove the entire unit from the window quickly and easily without removing the suction cups themselves and then put it right back onto the suction cups making it easy to clean your window and the feeder.

Premium Quality And Features Make It The Best Value

- Round Perch -adds strength and Birds LOVE IT!
- Made of scratch resistant Acrylic and guaranteed not to yellow in the sun.
- Drawer style, 3 compartment tray with drains to keep seed dry.
- Kids love it, great entertainment and makes a perfect gift!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- AvianBay Guarantees it's feeders with a no hassle, replacement or refund guarantee. AvianBay donates a portion of every sale of the Premium Window Bird Feeder to the Audubon Society so your purchase will help shape a healthy future for birds and all of us who share the planet with them.

Special, limited time pricing, Click the yellow "Add to Cart" button and start feeding the birds!


  • AVIANBAYS PREMIUM FEEDER ATTRACTS BIRDS right to your window so you can enjoy watching them feed from just inches away. Plenty of room for 3 or 4 birds at a time. Kids and Cats will be fascinated!
  • INSTALLS IN SECONDS with the all-weather, large suction cups. Super strong hold will not fall even in high wind.
  • DRAWER STYLE SLIDING SEED TRAY makes refilling a breeze. It has 3 compartments for seed and water. The outer compartments have small drain holes to keep the seed dry and the center compartment can be used for seed or water.
  • RUBBER COVERED STAINLESS STEEL PERCH is round, like a branch so birds love it and feel very comfortable. It also makes this the strongest and most durable feeder available. This top of the line, Premium Window Feeder is built with the highest quality materials available.
  • LIFE TIME GUARANTEE: No Questions 100% refund or replacement - You're satisfied or your money back! for yourself or to give as a gift or both! It comes in a beautiful gift box so it is the perfect unique present that is sure to please. Limited quantities, Order now!

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