EQUICK Led Light up Shoes Upgraded USB Charging Sneakers Kids Women,001,06,33

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EQUICK LED Sneakers are suitable for performances, cosplay, night outs and everyday wearing. These LED light up shoes made of high quality PU leather upper with fur lined and and anti-slip rubber outsole, that make the shoes more comfortable and more warm, great Thanks giving day gift, Christmas present for boys girls men and women. Using Introductions: Please then turn on the red switch on the shoe, also you can turn to change the lights colors lights. When press the red button for 5 seconds you can easy turn off the lights soon. Size chart: US little Kids 12 M - Sole length:7.3-7.5 Inch - EU30 US little Kids 12.5 M - Sole length: 7.6-7.8 Inch - EU31 US little Kids 13M - Sole length: 8.07 Inch - EU32 US little Kids 1M - Sole length: 8.46 Inch - EU33 US little Kids 2M - Sole length: 8.66 Inch - EU34 Women US 3.5 B(M)/Men US 3D(M) - Sole length: 8.9-9.0 Inch - EU35 Women US 4.5 B(M)/Men US 4 D(M) US Men - Sole length: 9.1-9.2 Inch - EU36 Women US 5.5 B(M)/Men US 5 D(M) US Men - Sole length: 9.3-9.4 Inch - EU37 Women US 6.5 B(M)/Men US 6 D(M) US Men - Sole length: 9.5-9.6 Inch - EU38 Women US 7.5 B(M)/Men US 6.5 D(M) US Men - Sole length: 9.7-9.8 Inch - EU39 Women US 8.5 B(M)/Men US 7 D(M) US Men - Sole length: 9.9-10.0 Inch - EU40 Women US 9.5 B(M)/Men US 7.5 D(M) US Men - Sole length: 10.1-10.2 Inch - EU41 Women US 10 B(M)/Men US 8 D(M) US Men - Sole length: 10.3-10.4 Inch - EU42 Women US 11 B(M)/Men US 8.5 D(M) US Men- Sole length: 10.5-10.6 Inch - EU43 Women US 12 B(M)/Men US 9 D(M) US Men - Sole length: 10.7-10.8 Inch - EU44 Women US 13 B(M)/Men US 10 D(M) US Men - Sole length: 10.9-11.0 Inch - EU45 Women US 14 B(M)/Men US 11 D(M) US Men- Sole length: 11.1-11.8 Inch - EU46 Please measure your feet from toe to heel(with socks), then choose size according to above size chart Any problem please feel free to contact us anytime.


  • SWITCH INSTRUCTION: There have two style LED light up shoes, one have remote system,come with remote have 22 colors lights modes, the other one without remote have 11 colors lights modes.
  • CHARGING INSTRUCTION: Easy charge like your cell phone with the attached USB charging cable. Please switch on the shoes when receive and please light up until all power gone. Then charging both shoes for 3 hours. Which can provide 8~11 hours of lighting time.
  • FEATURES: This LED light up shoe was made of high quality PU leather and anti-slip rubber outsole, more comfortable and breathable. It have total 11 colors modes more fantastics. 7 STATICS COLORS: Red, Dark green, Green, Blue, Light blue, Light purple, Shiny green 4 DYNAMIC COLORs MODES: Dim, Flashing, Strobe, Smooth.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 pair of EQUICK LED Sneakers,1 piece 2-in-1 USB charger cord. It will be a great holiday present for Kids, Toddlers, Women and Men.
  • NOTES: Please do not use it as running shoes and all other strong sports. It's suitable for casual walking and everyday use. Or else it will make damage to the light system. And the shoes won't light up again.

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