TV Antenna,50 Miles Super Thin Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna with Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster for UHF VHF, USB Power - 10ft Coax Cable

TV Antenna,50 Miles Super Thin Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna with Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster for UHF VHF, USB Power - 10ft Coax Cable Image

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YaphteS Super Thin HDTV Antenna
1. Receives free High Definition TV broadcast signals (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, The CW, and PBS). Supports 1080p HD.
2. Can be easily hidden from view behind a picture, bookshelf or television.
3. Fast setup in 3 easy steps - Unwrap, Plug in, and Scan channels.
4. Easy to place high on a window or wall or flat on a table for great reception to watch crystal clear HD shows! You may also use the YaphteS TV antenna stand for tabletop placement.

1.If you are using a flat screen HDTV, please check your TV's manual to make sure your TV has a built-in tuner for receiving over-the-air broadcasts.
2.Make sure your tuner can receive HD signals, otherwise you won't be able to receive and watch HD channels.
3.Signal quality determines how many channels you can receive as well as picture quality. Once you receive the antenna, hook it up to your TV, and try moving it around your home to find the placement with the best signal. You might be surprised how many HD channels you can receive!

How to fix the metters:
1.If there is no signal or clear picture,you can remove the amplifier and hang the receiver a little higher to the window and have a try,remenber to re-scan for channels after each moving.
2.As the large difference of the signal and surrounding,we have no choice but have one more try,please understand,but feel free to the reception and quality of the antenna.

Warranty:1 Year Warranty.
If you don't satisfied with the channels you get, please DO contact us. We will take care of your issue immediately and help you solve any problems you come across while using our antenna.


  • PERMANENT Free - Don't need to pay cable fee of everyone month ,Free HD channels as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS & Fox
  • 50 MILE RANGE - Full HDTV Support: 720p, 1080i, 1080p, ATSC Compatible
  • SUPER THIN DESIGN - Doesn't affect the appearance and doesn't take up space
  • SLIM AND HIGH PERFORMANCE - Extremely soft design and lightweight. You can hide it behind the TV, lay flat on table; stick it high on window (stand moisture weather or exposed to sunshine). It'll pull in hundreds of crystal clear digital & HD shows!
  • WARRANTY - YaphteS indoor TV Antenna is your best choice. We have a professional technical team for you to solve any technical problems. We are pretty confident about the quality of our antenna that is why it comes with 1 Year Warranty.

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