Medical Digital Thermometer, 10 Sec Quick Read with Fever Indicator and Flexible Tip - Best Adults/ Baby /Kids /Infant Thermometer- Basal Armpit /Rect...

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Medical Digital Thermometer, 10 Sec Quick Read with Fever Indicator and Flexible Tip - Best Adults/ Baby /Kids /Infant Thermometer- Basal Armpit /Rectal /Oral Temperature Thermometer Image

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Product Description:

With a superior microchip and an ultra-sensitive tip, our thermometer gives quick and accurate temperature within 10-15 seconds.
It can be safely and comfortably used for kids, and adults. It is definitely one of the most essential and useful items in your family medical kit!

User-Friendly Design Features of Our Thermometer:

It is made of safe and reliable material.
It gives fast and accurate read.
It has three ways to measure: oral, rectal and armpit use.
It has dual reading: Fahrenheit and Celsius.
It has a fever indicator.
It keeps record of the prior temperature.
It is waterproof.

Product Specification:

Measuring range: 90°F~109.9°F (32°C~42.9°C)
Measuring time: 10-15 seconds
Error range: ±0.1°C / ±0.2°F
Measurement unit: °F/°C switchable. ( under the power-off mode, keep pressing the ON/OFF button for about 5 seconds to switch between the °F and °C units.)

Package Contents and Service:

a nice package
a DC1.5V LR41 button battery
a user manual
We pledge to provide the best service for our customers. If you are not satisfied with our product, you're entitled to claiming a full refund or a free replacement unconditionally within 30 days of purchase.
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Important Notes

Different parts of the body may have slightly different body temperatures.
Different measuring time may yield slightly different results.
Different measuring methods may result in different body temperatures.
Comparing the three measuring methods, the armpit temperature is usually the lowest while the rectal temperature the highest. Besides, armpit use yields the least consistent results whereas rectal use is the most accurate measuring method.


  • FAST & ACCURATE : With a superior microchip and a ultra-sensitive tip, the thermometer gives quick and accurate reading within 10-15 seconds.
  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE: Made of FDA and EU approved material, the thermometer has been clinically tested for safety and reliability. The soft and flexible tip is comfortable to use.
  • FEVER INDICATOR: A fever alarm beeps when the temperature reaches 100°F (37.8°C) or higher.
  • WATERPROOF & MEMORY FUNCTION: The thermometer is waterproof and °F/°C switchable. It can also record the prior temperature to keep track of how the temperature develops.
  • A HOUSEHOLD ITEM: The thermometer is suitable for kids, adults, and pets. It is an essential and useful item in the family medical kit.

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