Solar Water Pump for Pond Solar Water Fountain Pump OUSI Solar for Fountain Solar Fountain Pump Kit Outdoor Floating Fountain Pond with Spraying Nozzl...

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Solar Water Pump for Pond Solar Water Fountain Pump OUSI Solar for Fountain Solar Fountain Pump Kit Outdoor Floating Fountain Pond with Spraying Nozzle for Pond Fountains Ponds Waterfalls etc BLACK Image

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The solar water pump has 4 nozzle spray settings to create different views, each with its own unique design. The solar water fountain 's maximum spray height is up to 17.7 inches.

This solar fountain pump floats on the water and pumps water within 3 seconds in the sun when adequate sunshine. Solar powerd bird fountain kit and solar pond pump can be used in garden, bird bath, small pond, for water circulation for oxygen.

1. Remove the film covering the solar panel before using the solar water fountain pump.
2. Make sure nothing shades a part of solar panel, or blocks the sun.
3. Ensure the solar pump is under enough sunshine; midday sun is suggested.
4. Pull out the head part of plug first and let the pump run to let the air out of the pump.
5. Put in the plug to see if it is working well.

1. Don't run the solar bird bath fountains without water for a long time, or its lifespan will be shortened.
2. Clean the pump regularly. If it's dirty the solar fountain for birdbath will stop working.
3. The packing contains small parts so please keep them away from children and pets to avoid danger of suffocation. The solar water fountain for bird bath is Eco-friendly no external batteries or electricity needed . this pump does not store solar power and is driven directly by the sunlight.


  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY】 Solar-Powered direct water pump Kit. Solar water pump is conveniently powered by energy from sunlight, no external batteries or electricity needed. High energy conversion rate and environmental-friendly.
  • 【4 NOZZLE SPRAY DESIGN】Solar fountain pump with 4 Nozzle Spray settings to create a relaxing environment. Solar water fountain is suitable for garden decoration, for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, water circulation for oxygen, and much more.
  • 【REMOVABLE , WASHABLE NOZZLE】Solar pump is added a new bottom cover to effectively prevent clogged nozzle. The solar powerd bird fountain kit will stop working when dirty or blocked. With regular cleaning no worries, no stress.
  • 【GOOD EFFECT & EFFICIENT】The solar pond pump will start automatically after 3 seconds in bright sunlight. Maximum Flow Quantity of Pump: 150 L/h, Maximum Water Height of Pump: 100 cm, Max Water-jet Height: 45 cm
  • 【LONGER SERVICE LIFE】The solar fountain for birdbath has more than 10,000 Hours of service life. The solar water fountain pump has a built-in brushless motor that provides a longer service life and lower energy consumption.

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