3D Fabric Paint, UnityStar Set of 30 Puffy Paint for Fabric with Permanent Vibrant Colors, 3 Bonus Brushes, Ideal for T-shirts Fabrics Canvas Glass Wo...

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3D Fabric Paint, UnityStar Set of 30 Puffy Paint for Fabric with Permanent Vibrant Colors, 3 Bonus Brushes, Ideal for T-shirts Fabrics Canvas Glass Wood, 30ml Each Image

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Release your creativity with UnityStar 30 Color Puff Paints for Fabric!
· 30 vivid paints for you to create your own color palette for your artwork, crafts and other projects like diy t-shirts, canvas shoes, iPhone cases, accessories, etc.
· Versatile paints that work on multiple surfaces including fabric, canvas, t-shirt, backpack, paper, wood, wall, glass, plastic, etc.
· User-friendly bottle design makes it easy to squeeze and apply just the way you want. Perfect for drawing, writing and creating doodles.
· Quick-drying and washable paints without cracking. Can be used to create long-lasting 2D and 3D art that won't peel or crack even after washing.
· Non-toxic and odorless paints for safe use among kids and adults.
· 3 bonus brushes makes it easy to apply

How to Apply?
1. Fabric Paint can be used directly from the bottle for「3D」 or you can put some paint on to palette and use a brush to make it 「2D」.
2. Once you have completed the drawing, dry for 12-24 hours and then iron the reverse side of the fabric at 107F on the cotton setting for 3 to 5 mins.

How to Wash?
1. Wait 24 hours after application to wash.
2. Turn the article of clothing inside before you wash it.
3. Hand wash your fabric gently with mild detergent.
4. No bleach.
1. Safe for children aged 3 years old or above. Use by young children should be supervised by adults.
2. Please recap after using to prevent the paints from getting dry.

Color: 30 Colors
Size: 3.3*1.2*1.2'' Each
Volume: 1OZ/30ml Each

Package Contents:
· 30 Pack 3D Fabric Paints
· 3 Bonus Brushes
1 solid storage box


  • 30 VIBRANT COLORS FOR YOUR CREATIVE NEEDS: UnityStar Fabric Painting Set features 30 must-have colors for your creative needs. From drawing, doodling, customizing t-shirts to all kinds of diy projects, you can make your perfect color combinations.
  • VERSATILE PAINTS THAT WORK ON MULTIPLE SURFACES: Not just for fabric like canvas and t-shirt, this 3D Paints also work on other textured surfaces such as paper, wood, wall, glass, plastic. Perfect for all kinds of diy projects.
  • SQUEEZE BOTTLE DESIGN MAKES IT EASY TO APPLY: With extra thin opening and precision tip design, these Puff Paints for Fabric are super easy to squeeze and apply. Perfect for drawing, writing and creating doodles.
  • QUICK-DRYING 2/3D PAINT WITHOUT CRACKING: Made with premium material, this Dimensional Fabric Paint can be use as both 2D and 3D paint to create long-lasting piece of art. The paints won't crack or peel even after washing.
  • ODORLESS & NON-TOXIC FOR SAFE USE: These Paints for Fabric meet both ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards, so they are safe for both kids and adults to use. Besides, this package comes with 3 bonus brushes and box for easy application and storage.

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