Speedball 4309 Premium Mounted Linoleum Block – Fine, Flat Surface for Easy Carving, Smoky Tan 5 x 7 Inches

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The Speedball Premium Mounted Linoleum Block is a favorite among novice and professional printmakers.  The fine, flat surface on the Speedball Linoleum Block will reproduce clear and sharp artwork.  Each order includes one block that measures 5 x 7 inches.  This linoleum block comes mounted on ¾ inch MDF board for your convenience.  The wood is extremely sturdy and dense and will not crack or peel.  The linoleum is a smoky tan color which is easy on the eyes during extended carving and easily accepts pencil transfers.  The surface of the lino provides a 1/8 inch cutting depth making it very easy to cut and carve.  You can use oil-based or water-soluble inks on these carving blocks.  Use one of Speedball’s Rubber Brayers to roll on your ink of choice.  Safety is very important when carving and it’s always a good idea to use a bench hook to hold the block securely in place before starting your project.