All in 1 Compact Makeup Palette in Slim Case with Built in Mirror and 2 Brushes

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This lightweight and compact makeup palette removes the need to carry around seperate makeups as it has 60 High Pigmented Eyeshadow Colors, 12 Lip Gloss shades, 3 Contour and Highlighting shades and a 3 Color Blusher making this slim and stylish make up palette a 78 piece dream combo.

The Portable black case also includes a built in mirror and 2 brushes to allow quick removal from your bag for a touch up when you are out having fun.

All eyehadows can be applied wet and dry and are 100% waterproof for a deeper & longer lasting effect which include ingredients to care for the skin around your eyes.

Perfect for both professional or personal use and makes an Ideal Gift for friends and family or even yourself.

Stop wasting your money on cheap and low quality makeup and change your life now by opening up your world and getting this high quality makeup palette today and start exploring your possibilities and fall in love with makeup all over again. Treat yourself, You deserve it.