Brand Q Men's Royal Blue Paisley Design Vest NeckTie Pocket Square Set For Suit or Tuxedo 2XL

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Brand New Brand Q Tuxedo Vest, NeckTie and Matching Handkerchief Set Designed in Italy Vest . Men's Dress or Tuxedo Vest with Neck Tie Same Color Made From The Same Material For a Perfect Match with belted adjustable back for a perfect fit. This vest is Available in our listings in the following sizes: XS (Chest Size 39), S (Chest Size 41), M (Chest Size 42), L (Chest 44) , XL (Chest 46), 2XL (Chest 48), 3XL (Chest Size 54), and 4XL (Chest 56), 5XL (Chest Size 60) and 6XL (64)