Utopia Kitchen 12 Pack Flour-Sack Towels - 100% Pure Ring Spun Cotton Kitchen Towels - Multi-Purpose - Highly Absorbent

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Top-Rated Kitchen Dish Towel Set! This 12-pack of 100% Cotton Flour Sack kitchen towels (28 inches x 28 inches) is a popular and economical cleaning option for all purposes. Flour sack kitchen towels are extra absorbent and practical for hand drying or cleaning up messes in the kitchen. Professionally hemmed edges are carefully graded for quality control and product durability. Machine wash and dry.

Durable Material

Ring spun Cotton provides optimal softness and absorbency.

Perfect for drying hands or cleaning spills.

Matching value-size set for quick kitchen makeover.

White never goes out of style.

Can be bleached as well.

Ringspun cotton is constructed from a combination of long and short staple yarn. Ringspun fibers are tightly twisted together to create a stronger, smoother and finer yarn. This method produces a more refined feel than that of a basic combed cotton yarn.