Balance Living Refractor Telescope (50X /100X) with Tripod

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How would you like to see the craters on the moon and planets of the solar system with great details? How about a clear, breathtaking view of the planet Jupiter? Balance Living Refractor Telescope (50X /100X) with Tripod is an amazing tool to magnify the sky, introduce and instill the love of astronomy to children early on!

Starter kit for future scientists

Balance Living Refractor Telescope comes nicely packaged and is easy to assemble. This kit contains: the main Body, 2 eyepieces, an objective lens, a periscope viewer tube, a focus apparatus and an aluminum tripod.
The lenses magnify the sky 50X to 100X., it's an easy-to-operate point and look mount. The Lens is 50 mm diameter (approximately 2") with a focal length of 600mm f/12.
Be sure to handle each piece with great care while in use and when storing away. Your child may be able to enjoy a long-lasting use from grade school to middle school that way.

Well constructed for hours of astronomic fun

Not quite a professional telescope the Balance Living Refractor Telescope comes pretty close as it delivers crisp images.
It is built rugged with the tube closed off from the outside to minimize being affected by the wind or temperatures, resulting in a sharp and steady image.
Don't forget as an aspiring scientist your child would have to calibrate the view finder and play around with the focus knob to obtain a crystal clear view.
The 125 cm tripod(approx 49") is perfect as kids are free to adjust it to their convenience, once set on a height, the tripod locks in solidly, stays right in place for your stargazing and even land gazing enjoyment.
Balance Living Refractor Telescope is an excellent gift to observe star clusters, double stars, nebulae and more from home or during a camping or hiking trip.