Deckey 12-Inch RGB 16 Colors Underwater Aquarium LED Fish Tank Light Submersible Aquarium LED Light Air Pump Bubble Light Strip+IR Remote Controller

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A 12" long led strip and airstone combination that adds a whole new decorative dimension to any aquarium. 
Multi-color Remote Controller offers 16 colors and various light modes: Static/Flash/Strobe/Fade-change/RGB Smooth-change.
Leds fully illuminate the air curtain, producing the impressive wall of bubbles. 
Great night light for nocturnal viewing.
Self-weighted, quick assemble and install in your aquarium, suitable for fresh and saltwater.

Lenghth: 12" 31cm 
Remote control distance: 3 m 
Voltage: 110-240V/50-60Hz 

Package Include: 
1 x Airstone LED Bubble Light 
1 x IR remote controller 
1 x US Plug 
1 x Air Tube 
1 x English Manual 
-It must be fully submersed and air pump is not included.