Premium Pack & Only Bag of 100+50 Bonus Pokemon & Vinyl Graffiti Decal Logo Stickers-Personalize laptops, Skateboard, Snowboard, Car,Helmet,Luggage,Bikes.Great Halloween stickers treat!!

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Rip open that boring brown Amazon envelop the moment it arrives at your front door. And VOILA inside is your pack of 112 Awesome Stickers with the "Pool Party" logo at the bottom (if you do not see our logo, kindly return the item to Amazon and buy your genuine Pool Party stickers).

The 112 Exclusive Designs now on your table are all for your Bombing Fun! So go ahead and BOMB that Car, Scooter, Laptop, Locker, your cat, you name it.

Pool Party Stickers Unlike Any Other

Your Stickers are made from readily synthesized free radical polymerization to provide strength and protect the adhesive from degradation by environmental factors including humidity, temperature, and ultraviolet light.

The backing of your stickers are specially coated with a release agent that prevents the stickers from sticking to itself. That also enables the easy removal and re sticking for the Stickers.

And Now your stickers are Brighter and Thicker (extra .1mm) than ANY Sticker in the market.


• Order right away and get 100 Plus 12 FREE Stickers
• Also gear up for your very own EXCLUSIVE eBook for the Ultimate Guide to the latest in Gaming World

Product Guarantee: If these Pool Party Laptop, Graffiti, Vinyl, Vintage, Decal, Skateboard, Car, Bumper, Snowboard, Helmet, Luggage Stickers do not meet up to your standards, you could kindly return them back as we Accept 30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE!!!