Aobosi Portable Charcoal Barbecue Grill Stainless Steel BBQ Built-in Turbo Fan Reduce 90% Smoke--Cool Travel Bag Included

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Need a BBQ grill for picnic or camping?
This Aobosi charcoal grill is small size, portable and lightweight to carry. Coming with a cool travel bag, it is easier for you to take it to everywhere you want. Great for camping, picnic, hiking, hunting, fishing, party......

90% smoke reduction & Quick start for BBQ
Unlike traditional charcoal grills, this portable picnic grill features turbo fan inside.The fan is powered by battery. It blows air to make the charcoal burnt cleaner and more effectively. Greatly reduce the smoke!
Also, the fan helps to light up the charcoal quickly, you can use the grill in 5-6 minutes. A full box of charcoal can keep grilling up to 2 hours.Fuel saving! A must for outdoor BBQ season.

Safety system
The BBQ grill is designed with Double-walled construction which is made of powder-coated steel. That means the outer bowl never gets too hot. Cool touch!
A closed mesh charcoal box allows the charcoal burns inside, avoiding the grease drops into,and preventing any risk of flying sparks or burning embers.
Featuring safety Locker on both sides helps to securely hold the Grilling Rack in place.
This Aobosi charcoal grill brings you a happy BBQ TIME as well as peace of mind.

Removable Parts For Easy Cleaning.
The whole grill is easily assembled and dismantled. After you distach the DC fan, the rest parts is dishwashable, clean up quickly and simple.

Charcoal Grill Additional Information
•Size: 13.5 x 9.5 x 14.5 inches
•Weight: 11.6 Pounds
•Metal 1: Stainless Steel (Grill)
•Metal 2: Non-Stick (Surface)
•Battery: 4 X AA Battery--Not included
•Bottom fan: Electric fan for air/heat control
1 x Charcoal Grill + 1 x cool travel bag