BLUBOON Clip On Fan Battery Operated Quiet Silent 5" Portable Stroller Fan

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Portable clip to anywhere
Rechargeable battery, environmental friendly
Long life battery
Variety of power supply
Unique design, attraction
Solid structure, stable and reliable
Powerful functions and simple operation
This 18650 battery is charged by USB.
Speed Adjustable: this battery portable fan is with the speed adjustable, you can adjust the speed low to high as your will. While powered by the USB, there is only one speed
Angle Adjustable: 360 degrees without dead ends
It is a very decent fan can clip to a table, desk, chair, bed, car seat, treadmill or your tractor mower or anything else that is within the size of the clip. (2.5")
It rotates around and tilts up and down allowing you to put the air exactly where you want.
Quite lightweight, and between the wide clip and the adjustable fan angles the clip is pretty strong.
Free to turn down or turn up air volume speed which can be adjusted using the switch on the back.
This is a true portable fan as it allows you to operate with no direct power supply for up to 6 hours.
1. Please do not use the battery fan while in charging;
2. Please take the 18650 battery out during the USB mode;
3. Please turn off the battery fan and take out the 18650 battery if you do not use for a long time;
4. Please make children use under the adult's accompany