Leiothrix Upscale 3 Pairs Long Thick Eyelashes for Women and Girls On any Occasion

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Slap-up finely made in synthetic fiber eyelashes for birdal, women and girls.

It is suitable for weeding,party, club, daily and photography.

Tips for wearring eyelashes:
Be careful with using eyelashes curler.

Maintain proper, it can be used repeatedly.
It can be used to a small number of humans are allergic to, if not, please stop using .
You can choose the cute and pretty tiara if you want to attend the party and evening.

Clip off the length of the mascara to fit your eye lengths,advice is longer than the length of the eye out 2 ~ 3 mm is the most beautiful.
Welcome to email to us if you got any problems.
Notice to the buyers.
The color may be minor different from the picture because of the photograph.

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