Premium Box Spring Encasement Zippered Cover by CushyBeds - Bed Bug, Dust Mites & Allergy Proof - 100% Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, 6-Sided Protection - Queen Size - (Fitted 7-9" Depth)

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Let You And Your Family Enjoy A Perfect Night's Sleep

When you don't get a good night's rest, you can wake up sluggish, struggle with mental focus, or even feel physically sick.

The CushyBeds comfortable mattress encasement protector will enhance your sleep, with its breathable, soft touch and silent fit, as no crinkling sounds or warm feeling will upset or disturb your sleep. Breathable and cooling, this mattress protector will become your sleeping ally.

Our Patented Product:

Our Mattress Encasement Protector has 2 unique patents:

360 Zipper Enclosure with BED BUG BANISHER

Protect Your Family's Health

Keep away dust mites and bed bugs that can put your health at risk. This mattress cover offers you a solid, impregnable hypoallergenic protective barrier that will keep you safe from allergy-causing bacteria. CushyBeds not only offers you a simple mattress protector, but tries to offer you your personal health promoter as well.

BREATHABLE-A-BARRIER Fluid-Proof Technology

Goodbye Leaks

This mattress protector is equipped with a vinyl-free, thin membrane of polyurethane backing that will guard against any liquid spills, bed wettings or stains that will both frustrate you and damage your mattress surface. It will also absorb perspiration, offering you an ultimate feel of comfort.

This is truly a game changer since it provides you total protection with the 360? Zipper Lock while being breathable.