Upgraded Smart Air Sterilizer - Multifunction Air purifier and Deodorizer for Family Use - O3 Germs Killer, Anti-bacteria and Smoke Eliminator, Color Pink Gold

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The CareHome Multifunction Portable Travel Sterilizing Deodorizer, Germs Killer air purifier and ionizer creates O3, or ozone by an inner ozone generator though an electrical current. Ozone sanitizes the air and other stuff by breaking down odors, allergies, microorganisms and other pollutants. There¡¯s usually Ozone O3 in the air after thunderstorms, and it can clean and sterilize the air. So this multifunction reproduces nature's creation of O3 during thunderstorms, and then the ozone diffuses into the atmosphere and make everything in nature cleaned and sanitized. That is why we can feel the clean, fresh smell in the air after a thunderstorm. That's O3, or the ozone works. It purifies and sterilize the air by reproducing the nature systems without any artificial chemicals. The O3 reverts back to O2 if the O3 is not reacted, which makes it no harm or risk to human body or pets. This leaves the air fresh and clean because the source of the odor has been permanently removed. Thus this portable sanitizer/purifier can be used in room, office, wardrobes, closet, pet areas, refrigerators, cars, and smoke areas. Surely you will like it when you see it.

Power supply: rechargeable battery
Ozone release: 1mg/h
Dimensions: Package Weight: 190 grams, Size: 4.5cm x 4.7cm x 10cm (1.77in x 1.85in x 3.94in)
Package includes: Sterilizing Deodorizer x 1 , User Manual x 1 , USB cable x 1, Warranty card x 1