BabyBliss Anti Tip Furniture & TV Safety Straps (2 Pack) | All Metal Parts, No Plastic | Heavy Duty Durable Anchors | Adjustable Safety Straps For Baby Proofing and Child Safety

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★ Protect Your Children & Your Flat TV Screen

Do your little ones cause you a headache chasing carefree around your new flat TV set, threatening to throw it on the floor with their naughty kicks?

Would you like to safeguard your furniture and TV against earthquakes, while making your home a safe playground for your little angels?

Let Your Children Play In Safety And Enjoy Peace Of Mind With BabyBliss TV & Furniture Safety Straps

Invest in your peace of mind and worry no more about accidents from falling TV sets, heavy shelves or cupboards and ensure your furniture will remain
safely secured on the wall, while your children play hide and seek.

Our premium quality baby proof straps are the best possible protection of your precious appliances from vibrations, earthquakes or the naughty games
of your children.

★ Excellent Quality & Design

The high-end adjustable length straps with the strong stitching and the sturdy metal plates will safely keep your furniture in place, fixing securely your
flat TV on the wall or on the television stand.

The ergonomic manufacture of our safety straps makes our furniture anchors perfectly suited for all your furniture and ensure a MULTIPURPOSE heavy-duty
safety set for all your household security needs!

★ An All-Inclusive Package

Installation of your safety furniture straps is made a one-hand operation with our all-inclusive package! Find all the necessary hardware, screws, bolts and
whatever you need to attach in no time your furniture anchors, baby-proof safely your home environment and save money on the handyman!

★ Get Your Very Own BabyBliss TV & Furniture Straps!

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