Soldering Iron Kit, Including 60W Temperature Control Soldering Iron with ON/OFF Switch, Tips, Solder Sucker, Desoldering Wick, Solder Wire, Anti-static Tweezers and Stand with Cleaning Sponge

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SEALODY Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Kit - Meet All Your Soldering Project Needs.

Working Voltage: 110V
Power: 60 watt
Soldering Iron Length: 7.4 inch
Cable Length: 59 inch
Temperature Range: 200-450℃- (392-842℉)
Tips Model: 900M Series
Solder Wire: 60% Sn, 38% Pb, 2.0% Flux
Solder Wire Diameter: 0.039 inch
Solder Wire Weight: 0.38 oz

Package Inculded:
1x Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron (with 900M-T-B Lead-free Soldering Iron Tips)
1x Solder Wire
5x Extra Lead-free Soldering Iron Tips
1x Desoldering Pump
2x Anti-static Tweezers
1x Stand with Cleaning Sponge
1x Solder Wick
1x Tool Box

How to solder
1. Prepare the solder wire and electronic soldering iron.
2. Contact the soldering iron with soldering point.
3. Place the solder wire onto soldering point when the weldment is heated to the temperature that is able to melt solder.
4. When a certain amount of solder is melted, remove the solder wire.
5. Remove the electronic soldering iron at an angle of about 45° when the soldering point has been totally wet by solder.

- Ensure the power cord is in good condition and the welding head is not loose before soldering.
- For prolonging service life, please switch to the 200°C model when not using it temporarily and don't let the soldering iron stay at high temperature all the time.

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