Electric Soldering Iron Tool Kit with PU Carry Case, 110V 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron, 5pcs Tip, Desoldering Pump, Tin Wire Tube, Soldering Iron Stand,2pcs Tweezers,6pcs Aid Tools

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Package Specification:
1 x Adjustable temperature soldering iron
2 x Anti-Static Tweezers: ESD-10 , ESD-15
1 x Solder Sucker: 7.36 inches (L) x 0.75 inches (Dia.); Aluminum and plastic
1 x soldering holder with cleaning sponge
5 x Different Soldering Iron Tips
1 x Solder Wire Tube
1 x Carrying bag: PU leather
6pcs double-sided solder assist tool can satisfy 12 different usage: Around 6.6 inches in length; Treated steel (tips), and plastic (handle); including the following:
1 x Solder assist knife: cut away unnecessary circuits on PCB
1 x Solder assist fork: the components of pins and connecting line
1 x Solder assist squeeze head: compress small electronic components
1 x Solder assist hook: remove small resistor
1 x Solder assist brush: clean dust and residues in solder parts
1 x Solder assist needle: clean holes that choked with solder
1x Instruction Manual

7pcs iPhone professional repair tools(for free), including the following:
2 Hair Screw Drivers-Black ("+"shape head and 5-angel star shape head)
2 Plastic Prying Tools-Blue
2 x triangular pry tool
1 Suction Vacuum Opener

1.It is very important that please slowly heating during using. Overheating will weaken solder tip function. It should select use in a low temperature to prolong tip's life-span. Please keep using within proper temperature.
2. Impurities in the metals are very easy to become oxidations in the process of soldering. And these oxidations will reduce soldering iron tip working efficiency so that requires more professional cleaning. Otherwise, Solder tip will not stick to tin. Please be careful to clean the soldering iron tip.
3. Do not allow the iron to idle at operating temperatures for extended periods. This could burn the soldering iron and even other things.