Aurora Collections SiliBuki Silicone Sponge for Liquid & Cream Based Makeup Blending

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SiliBuki by The Aurora Collections - Say Bye Bye to your Out-of-Date Makeup Sponge

ο Are you sick of wasting your expensive makeup?
ο Are you tired of feeling like you've caked on your liquid/cream based makeup?
ο Are you grossed out by all the bacteria left on your makeup sponge?

Well you're in luck! The Product Team at The Aurora Collections have specially designed the SiliBuki to solve these problems and more!

ο Eliminate Makeup Waste
● The average Makup Sponge uses up to 60% more product to achieve the same flawless look that you can get with the SiliBuki
● Never feel guilty about purchasing that expensive liquid foundation because the SiliBuki will make sure it lasts
● The secret lies in its non-porous design which is wrapped in a layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The TPU layer on the SiliBuki has been specifically engineered to resist the absorption of any liquid or creamed based makeup products

ο Achieve Flawless Application
1) Simply apply a small amount of your liquid or creamed based makeup on your skin
2) Dab and spread the makeup in a circular motion with the SiliBuki
3) Continue to blend until smooth or apply final touch ups with the SiliBuki Edge: also available on Amazon.

ο Superb Hygiene
● The hypoallergenic TPU and silicone "sponge" will not retain any bacteria unlike a traditional makeup sponge upon cleaning
● The soft outer covering will not cause abrasion, irritation, or harm to any skin type
● Simple cleaning process: to clean simply rinse the SiliBuki through lukewarm water and soap and air dry

ο Caution
● Keep away from children
● Replace if outer layer tears

We stand by our product and provide a lifetime warranty on all SiliBuki's

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