600AMP Peak 14000mah Auto Battery Jump Starter DEDC Booster Battery Pack Portable Flashlight USB 12V

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DEDC 600A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter Power Bank Pack Kit Portable car battery jump starter Auto battery jump starter

A NECESSITY for every car, vehicle!
Make sure you get home when stranded. It will jump start 6L gas or 4L diesel engine up to 20 times on a single charge.

3 Modes Powerful LED Light
It has 3 modes LED light (high, strobe and SOS), that helps in emergency, guiding the way in dark and show your location to the rescuer when you go camping, outdoor adventure ect..

BETTER intelligent clamp
This kit is equipped with BETTER intelligent clamp cable to avoid damage caused by wrongly connecting positive and negative ends.

Safety hammer (to break a window) and cutter (on power bank side) design add more help during an accident, manage to get out of the dangerous vehicle with these practical design.

Keep you in contact with outside world
This jump starter can also be used as mobile power bank. Dual USB interface for your mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronics.

1. It is suggested to maintain certain battery capacity and the product shall be charged at least every three months.
2. During charging process, mild heat of equipment is normal phenomenon but not fault.
3. It is suggested to use the product under room temperature environment away from moisture, high temperature or ignition source.
4. In case of battery inflation, leakage or peculiar smell, please stop using battery immediately.

Manual and instruction are attached.
Product parameter:
Output: 12V
Dimension: 165*79*40mm
USB output: 5V 2A
Charge mode: CC/CV 12V 1A
Start current: 300A
Peak current: 600A (3S)
Cycle life: 3,000 times
Applicable temperature range: -20-60℃