Black Face Mask,Blackhead Remover Mask,Deep Cleansing Peel off Face Mask,Black Facial Mask,Facial Treatments-Remove Blackhead Mud Mask

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Net weight:60g
Shelf life: 3 years

Cleanse your face and pat dry.
Apply a medium-to-thick layer on desired area, making sure to avoid eyebrows, hairline, eye area and lips.
Leave for 20-30 minutes until fully dry and peel-off, gently peeling starting from the bottom. Wash any excess with lukewarm water and gently pat dry.

Penetration is very stronger, absorb pore blackheads and dirt,convergence pores,effectively improve the rough skin quality,regulating oil secretion,maintain the damaged skin. Cool and refreshing and comfortable,helps to reduce acne and prevent acne,make the skin more luster.
Avoid contact with eyes, if this occurs rinse well with lukewarm water.
If irritation occurs discontinue use.
[Safety: Keep out of reach of children - If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue using]

For best result, please remember to use the hot towel to open pores before smear our mask.

Package including:1 X Black Mask