Eyebrow Stamp Powder Stamper Waterproof Long-lasting Brown Easy Press Natural Shape in Seconds (Dark Brown+ Coffee)

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Perfect, Natural-Looking Eyebrow in Seconds! It is Pigmented, Waterproof and Stays on all day! 3 Different Eyebrow Shapes are included for Your Happy Choice!


* 3 Eyebrow Shapes: Structured Arch, Soft Arch and '-' shape (Straight United Eyebrow)
* 2 Tone Eyebrow Powder: Dark Brown + Coffee
* Easy to use
* Natural Looking
* Waterproof
* Long-Lasting
* Easy to remove
* Healthy and Safe
* Takes some practice that you will find this product is AMAZING!

How to Use:

Just stamp into the pressed powder, then stamp onto eyebrow. Perfect for those who are always messed up when brushing eyebrow. Highly recommend that you practice a few times to get the placement correct.
At first, the surface of the brow powder may be a little difficult to take, but after several time, it will become easier.

Inventory and Producer

Taylor Baldwin's enthusiasm and talent are unparalleled. She has also long been a trusted name in health and beauty, dedicated to seeking out (or inventing) the best products and tips!

Package includes:

6 x Eyebrow Stamp Shapes in 3 different shapes (3 for left brow, 3 for right brow)
1 x Eyebrow Powder
1 x Eyebrow brush