Forehead Thermometer,Sinvitron Digital Infrared non-contact Dual-Mode Thermometer,CE and FDA Approved,Suitable for Baby,Toddlers,Adults,object and Room Measurement

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Sinvitron Multifunction Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

The Thermometer is a conveniently sized gadget that allows you to measure the temperature of bodies as well as objects.Perfect for measuring temperature of baby,toddlers,adults,milk,bath water,food,etc.

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Parents used to have to struggle to get thier kids to keep thermometer under their tongue/armpit before getting this thermometer.It is a lifesaver for late night fevers and tired parents with sick kids.You can check their temperature while they are asleep without disturbing and touching them,plus it also gives you accurate readings.


-Dual mode thermometer:body and object
-Easy to use:point the thermometer at the center of forehead,press the button,it beeps when the measurement has been taken
-Fast and Accurate:New & patented probe design ensures high accuracy,Reads temperature within seconds
-Large LED and Backlight Display:easy to read in the dark
-30 Latest temperature data recording:Data will be memorized automatically after measuring.Easy to check all the memorized data
-Non-Contact:Safe and clean
-Auto power off,alarm with fever,Easily switch between C and F

Package inclued:

1 x Non-Contact Forehead Infrared thermometer
1 x Travel Pouch
2 x AAA batteries
1 x User manual