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HIFI MC MICRO : PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER, RADIO, MICRO-SD PLAYER & WIRED SPEAKER : Buy the #1 Best value Bluetooth Speakers on the Market during Cyber Monday 2017 Deals on This Amazon speaker features, Premium Audio, Wireless, Astonishing Sound, Powerful Bass, IPX4 Waterproof, Radio, Micro-SD, Good Battery Life, Built-In and Microphone. Much more than just a Bluetooth speaker. Of course, it features full Bluetooth functionality, but that is just the start of what it can do. It's a complete, full-fledged speaker that also includes FM radio, a media player that plays songs from removable flash memory, and of course, an auxiliary connection. Best of all, it sounds great, is small enough to fit in your pocket and costs less than $30 - the price of an ordinary, one-trick-pony Bluetooth speaker. Retro Style with Modern Flair genuine leather strap reminds you of the classic, transistor radios, and with the auto-programming FM function you can listen to your favorite radio stations at a picnic, a ball game, wherever you are. The volume dial not only looks good and pays homage to the past, it also allows you precise volume control of any speaker on the market. The large, front facing black speaker takes its styling cues from iconic 1970s, 8-track players, and like the 8-track player, it plays recorded media, but from a TF (MicroSD) card. You can use it to expand your available music as well as allow you to enjoy your system without your phone, not only freeing your phone for other tasks but saving your phone battery as well. Small size, big sound :: Though it is small, the HIFI MC sounds big, with deep, powerful bass and plenty of loudness. You can play it on its side or on its back, try both to see what sounds best. When you hear it, your eyes will not believe what your ears are telling you. ***Don't settle for a simple Bluetooth speaker when you can get so much more... a pocket-sized, great sounding, full-featured music system for the same price.