AKARY HDTV Antenna Indoor 35 Miles Range Ultra Thin TV Antenna Upgraded Version

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AKARY Digital HDTV Antenna 35 Miles Range Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna

Never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again. Upgraded AKARY 1080P HDTV digital antenna can get access to full HD TV programs including local news, weather forecast and educational programs etc. With high tech material construction and sophisticated circuitry, AKARY HDTV antenna works stable with high performance to pick up available HDTV signals to give you a full new experience of enjoying HDTV.

Easy installation:

Step 1: Place the HDTV antenna in an area with good reception.
Step 2: Connect the antenna directly to HDTVs with HD tuners or through a set top box for TVs without HD tuners.
Step 3: Scan for channels and access all your favorite local and national programs completely for no need pay money.


1. AKARY antenna can't access to paid channels.
2. Channel reception will vary based on what is broadcasted in your area, your distance from broadcast towers, and any geographical obstructions between you and the towers. Kindly enter your zip code or address in the following link local website to check the available TV reception in your location.
3. This Antenna can pick up signals from 35 miles range. Make sure your distance to the nearest TV station is within this range.
4. Remember to rescan for TV channels after moving the TV antenna, sometimes moving a few feet can make a difference.
5. Extreme weather like thunderstorms may affect the signal reception. Run a rescan after the storm if the signal doesn't come back after the storm.


Working Frequency: VHF 47 ~ 240MHz, UHF 470 ~ 862MHz
Typical Antenna Gain: 3.5dBi
Reception Range: 35 miles