Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light Sunrise Simulator Daylight Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, with 7 Colors, FM Radio, Nature Sounds, Snooze Function and Touch Control

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Multi-functional Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock
Could be used as Alarm Clock, FM Radio, Night Light. Gently wake you up from deep sleep with natural warm sunrise light, giving you a relaxing mood and more energetic morning.

Product Dimensions: 6.7*4.7 inches/170*120 mm
Materials: ABS plastic
Display Screen: LED
LED: 9 white beads & 9 RGB beads
Speaker: 8Ω2W
Input: 100-240VAC
Output: 50-60hz 0.3A max
Hour Format: 12/24 hour format LED display

1. Use batteries and USB together at the same time is recommended, because the light function will be limited if the AAA batteries is being used alone only.
2. Don’t press two or more buttons at the same time.
3. Every touch of button must be more than 1 second in case the function fails.
4. We will send email to every customer for providing using and setting tips of this clock. Sometimes the email will be in your Spam.
5. Some customers said the sunrise light was on at 100% of brightness to 0%, it was setting mistake, mixed sunset simulation function to sunrise simulation function.