BESTOMZ Giant Halloween Spider 125cm With LED Eyes Spooky Sound Foldable Outdoor Spider Decorations

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When you're decorating your home for Halloween, you simply can't do better than this giant four-foot spider!
It will look great on your porch as a way to greet neighborhood trick-or-treaters, or use it indoors as part of your decorations for a Halloween party.
For tricker-treaters, you could mount it near your doorbell so the kids will have to choose the bravest in their group to push the bell. Or hang it from a string like a real spider hanging from its thread of webbing.
For an even better effect, have the string controlled by a hidden person so the spider suddenly bounces around when people least expect it.
This spider's glowing red eyes and a squeaky voice when you pet its belly make it even more thrilling and fun, for kids and adults alike.

Not just for Halloween, this monster spider would also be a great gift and room decoration for any kid (or adult) who enjoys creepy-crawly things.

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