Enow Newest Hands Spinner, Enow Pure Aluminum High Speed Fidget focus toys. Perfect for ADHD, EDC Children and Adults to Increase Concentration, Quit Bad Habits, Spins Metal Average 1-5 Minutes

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Features of the Spinner: *Benefits of using a spinner: The spinner is good for people who have problems with ADD, ADHD, Increasing focus and concentration and anxiety. It helps ease stress and fidgety hands and Massive happiness increases. Restlessness or those who have trouble keeping still. Prevent bad habits and fix them as well. *Smooth and Silent Spins: Light weight and silent design ensure that you can fidget with your spinner without annoying people around you when at the office or silent environment. *Easy to use: *This item is not complicated to use. Simply just flick and spin your problems away. *High Quality Material: *This product is made of pure aluminum, adopted German Imported ceramic bearing, used tri-lobed design to make spin up time more durable, more stable. Also, we adopt anti-oxidation treatment for the product, making the product longer life. *Maintenance:? No repair, oil, maintenance needed, Use it right out of box. Please do not clean the bearing with water or alcohol. Please tighten the stainless cap if it is loosed. *Replaceable bearings:? Customize and personalize your spinner. You can change the bearings of the spinner to adjust the spin time and speed. Make your spinner your own.? *100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.