Steamer for Clothes [New 2019] Powerful Handheld Portable Steam Iron. Achieve 7 Tasks-in-1: Garment Ironing. Steam Cleaner. Sanitize. Refresh. Treat and more. for Home/Curtain/Travel/Luggage [White]

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Portable, Handheld and a Powerful Steaming Experience. A last generation steamer for clothes! Our new nozzle design distributes full steam consistently to remove stubborn wrinkles. A compact and modern design that makes the isteam very easy to store and to travel with.

100% Safe to use and gentle on all types of fabric. Water tank heats up within a minute to emit a powerful wrinkle-busting steam. Includes an automatic shut-off feature for safety protection when the unit gets too hot or low in water. Provides 10 minutes of continuous steaming!

How to operate your iSteam:
1. Unscrew the nozzle head by twisting it towards the marked direction.
2. Fill the tank with water up to the desired level, but never exceeding the maximum level. When finishing, lock the head back on.
3. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON. The switch light indicates the steamer is on and ready to heat up. Within 60 secs, the steamer will emit a powerful steam flow from a nozzle.
4. When the unit runs out of the water, it will shut itself off automatically to ensure your safety while leaving the indicator light ON. If you wish to continue your steaming session, turn the steamer OFF, refill the water tank by following step 2 again, then turn the steamer on again.
5. When finished, turn the switch OFF and remove the plug carefully from the electric outlet.

- Never turn the steamer upside down.
- Your steamer should never be tilted past a 45-degree angle.
- Never use the steamer on clothes that you are wearing on yourself.
- Use a hanger to hang your clothes while steaming.
- In case water is spurting out from the steamer's nozzle while boiling, it might be related to high levels of minerals or acid. Please use distilled or purified water to prevent this.

Dimensions: 8"x5.5"x3.2" (in) | Weight: 1.1 lbs. | Power: AC 120V | 60HZ | 900W |
Includes User Manual