beegod Emergency Personal Security Alarms Self-Defense 130 DB Decibels with LED Light Safety (Gold)

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beegod Emergency Self Defense Electronic Device with 130 db, people can draw attention even in a far distance. Ideally for people in all stage: Ideally for Girls, Ladies and Kids, Elderly, Correctional Officers, Walkers, Joggers, Night owls, Lone workers, Students, and Patients come across dangerous situation and need others' help, adventurers who detached from the crowed or in dangerous situation. The alarm sounds great, people can draw attention even in a far distance. Good for adventurer who is in dangerous situation, no need to crying for help. The alarm could help you effectively. Portable and mini sized, it can be attached on Key-chain,Backpack, Belt Loops, Suitcases. Powered by regular alkaline (LR44) batteries.
  Product Specification:
  VOL: 120db 
Material : ABS and Metal bar
Battery: LR44, 110mA, 6V 
Color: black, silver  
Size : 62mm x 42 mm x 25mm, Package Size: 8cm x 5.5cm x 3cm
Weight: 37.7g, item weight: 30g

1. When the alarm sound goes low, please remove screws from back cover and replace new batteries. 
2. Pull off the hand strap to activate alarm. Insert the plug back to turn off the noise alarm.
3. The alarm sound is very loud, please do not put by your ears.