COCODE Set of 6 Colors Metal Kazoo Musical Instruments Good Companion for A Guitar Ukulele Great Gift for Kids Music Lovers

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aluminum alloy is polished, the surface of kazoo is smooth and delicate.

Simple design, fix in hand of an adult.

A good gift for kids or music lovers.


Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: Golden / Silver / Blue / Green / Red / Purple

Product size: 12 * 2.7 * 2.3cm / 4.7 * 1.7 * 0.9in

Product weight: 11g / 0.4oz

How to play kazoo?

Don't blow, just hum. When we play kazoo big side in the mouth, don't blow like playing harmonica. You need to hum the tune, the vibrations of the vocal cords make the flute diaphragm vibrate and sound. You can change the tone of the kazoo by rotating the lid on the flute diaphragm. When the lid is twisted too tight, its sound will be more crisp. On the contrary, its sound will become hoarse.

Package includes

1 x Golden Kazoo

1 x Silver Kazoo

1 x Blue Kazoo

1 x Green Kazoo

1 x Red Kazoo

1 x Purple Kazoo