RAVPower Fast Wireless Chargers QI Wireless Charging Pad Quick Charge 5W for iPhone X / iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / Nexus / Xperia 10W for Galaxy S8 / S8+ / S7 / S7 Edge

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Hassle-Free Wireless Charging
Say goodbye to cords that tangle and plugging frustrations and get a taste of future charging with the RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad! The charging station allows you to conveniently charge by simply placing down your Qi-enabled or Qi receiver-equipped device.

Quick Charge & Wide Compatibility
Wondering whether your smartphone can benefit from such wireless charging goodness? Even if it’s not Qi-enabled out of the box like the Galaxy S8 or LG G6, it suffices to equip your device with a Qi receiver for it to charge by simply lying on the RAVPower Qi Wireless Fast Charging Station. And if your device supports quick charging, simply connect by using a QC charger with an output higher than 15W to juice it up at full speed.

Safer Devices with Added Protections
RAVPower doesn’t only free you of cables, but takes away any concern about charging safety. In conjunction with a repertoire of safeguards against overcurrent, overheat, over-voltage, and short circuit, the Qi charging station comes with RAVPower’s inclusive 18 months of warranty. A discreet, yet visible LED indicator turns blue or green to indicate whether the pad is in standby or charging respectively.

Easy Tips for Optimal Performance
Want to make the most out of your device’s wireless charging capabilities? Follow the following tips for maximum efficacy: do not attempt to charge through metal phone cases or cases thicker than 3 mm; use a QC charger with an output higher than 15W for quick charge functionality; and note that it is normal for the smartphone to heat up during charging.

What's In the Box:
1 x RAVPower Qi Wireless Charging Pad (Model: RP-PC014)
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Guide