NO-BLEED GRAFFITI Dual Tip Fabric Markers Set of 12 - Permanent, Fade Proof, Waterproof, Washerproof & Kid Safe

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No-Bleed, Fade Proof Premium Fabric Marker Set for Graffiti Art, Calligraphy & Coloring on ALL Types of Fabric Doesn’t Simply Help You Create Art that POPS. It Ensures Your DIY Crafts Last Longer than Ever Before

ART THAT LASTS – As artists there’s almost nothing that gives us greater pleasure that looking back on a creation and remembering the inspiration that started it all. Now your art can POP on any type of fabric or canvas, without worrying about it fading, weathering or rinsing away in the wash.

Delivers Better Results than Fabric Paint or Dyes: Dye’s are messy, and fabric paint chips away after a short time, leaving your beautiful project looking dingy and unwanted. Colore NO BLEED GRAFFITI Fabric Markers are engineered with DEEP-PIGMENT TECHNOLOGY INK that absorbs and locks on to the fiber, producing the highest color retention of any fabric marker set to date.

Set of 12 ONE of a KIND COLORS with Dual Tips – Photo’s Don’t Do Them Justice: The Colore Art Team HAND PICKED the fine tip & thick tip Fabric Markers in this Set for their RARE, VIBRANT, BOLD, one of a kind colors including Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Brown, Black, Green, Lemon Yellow, Purple, Vivid Green. You have to see them on your cloth projects to truly understand the difference.

BEST HIGH QUALITY FABRIC MARKERS – OFFER EVERYTHING YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: GRAFFITI NO BLEED fabric markers are kid safe, non-toxic, fade proof & light fast – WE GUARANTEE You’ll LOVE the calligraphy, outlining, drawing, DIY projects and art these graffiti markers help you to create, or your money back. To discover what Colore Art Customers mean when they say, “These Graffiti Fabric Markers are in a Class All Their Own…”, simply Click Add to Cart Now.