TOPLUS Set of 5 Loops Exercise Resistance Bands for Home Workout, Pilates, Yoga, Rehab, Physical Therapy with Carry Bag and Instructional Booklet

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TOPLUS was created as a lifestyle company, strives to provide customers well-made, high quality and healthy products. We believes in the concept of Simplifying Life by using quality products, living simple life. So we explore and develop every product with our heart. Our goal is to offer a premier line of quality items. We also strive to provide the same 100% satisfaction guarantee in all of our products, support, and service to our customers.

Why we buy mini resistance bands?

If you:
- Struggle finding time to go to the gym
- Don't have room for large exercise equipment
- Would rather save the thousands of dollars needed for a gym membership
- Are looking for an at home physical therapy solution

Toplus resistance loop bands are the perfect solution for you.

They are:
- Portable and lightweight. You can take your resistance loop bands with you on the go.
- Inexpensive. At only a few dollars a piece.
- Great for exercisers of all levels. With 5 different resistance levels and the ability to combine bands for even more resistance.
- Multi use. They can be used for workout and physical therapy, pilates, yoga, rehab, perfect your body curve or loose weight.

Find guide movies on YouTube and start your workout right now, shape your body, shape your life.