Gorkevin Abdominal Muscle Toner,Abs Training Gear,Electronic Muscle System for Abdomen and Arm, Wireless,Home/Office Workout Equipment,Support Men & Women

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What makes this abdominal trainer different?
EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) advanced body training technology
Lightweight, portable exercise equipment
High quality well made, super thin electro pads; Sticky gel sheet, conductivity improves 30%
20 minutes of training per day, fast and easy

Easy to use:
Put the main machine on the pad;
Attach the pad to your skin;
Press "M" to turn it on;
Select the mode by pressing "M". A white light that lights up means mode 1, the other white light that lights up means mode 2, two white lights that light up at the same time mean mode 3, and a blue one means mode 4, the other blue light means mode 5, two Blue mean mode 6.
Set the intensity by pressing "+" or "-" to increase or decrease it; 9 levels of intensity in total;
It will shut down after 20 minutes automatically by default without any operation.
Please start with a relatively low level of intensity, after you get used to it, you can increase the intensity gradually.

Don't use it with medical devices at the same time, otherwise there might be accidents, or medical devices would fail, or it would cause serious damage to the human body.
-transplanted electronic medical device, such as Stimulators
-Electronic medical device that keeps people alive, such as the artificial machine of cardiopulmonary
-Electronic medical devices attached to the body, such as the Electrocardiogram scanner

Main Machine *3
Big Gel Pad *1
Small Gel Pad *2
USB Line *1
English Instruction Manual *1