Comfort Food Creations Burrito Wrap Novelty Blanket - Perfectly Round Tortilla Throw (6' Diameter)

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We know your pain.

Yup, we've been there before and it's all too common. Jealousy rages inside as you witness your burrito barista create your masterpiece. The delectable fixin's all wrapped up warm and cozy inside a gorgeous, fresh tortilla. It looks so warm and cozy. It takes all of your willpower to keep from exclaiming, "Why can't it be me?! Why can't I be the burrito?!"

Well, the wait is over because your friends at Comfort Food Creations want to wrap you up and...well, that doesn't (Awkward!)

OK, Let me say this a different way.

We made a super soft, six foot round burrito blanket for you to actually wrap yourself (and others!) up inside of! Great for snugging on the couch, picnicking in the park, watching a sporting event or (and this one's my favorite) just pretending to be the burrito!

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