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How it Works

Use our simple Amazon discount tool to discover fantastic deals that are usually hidden away amongst their vast array of products. We make it easy to discover them all with our simple deal finder! All you need to do is fill out the form and then click the 'Search Amazon' button which will open up a new page with your Amazon deals.

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Hints and Tips

Because you're visiting our United States site, we've automatically selected the US version of Amazon for you but you can pick an alternative site if you'd like.

Change the Minimum and Maximum % off buttons to target great deals or turn them off to run a super quick search at Amazon in a new window.

Use the deal finder as a filler finder by using the Min and Max price boxes to search for filler items when you need to get your basket upto the free shipping amount.

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Amazon Discount Finder Explained

Amazon has grown into the largest marketplace on the Internet. It's become enormous, and there are many thousands of products to choose from.

This is great news to the educated shopper, but it's still really important to be savvy when searching for the best deals and discounts but it can be hard to find the very best prices as quite often you'll be presented with a product at a relatively high price when there is a great deal to be had - As long as you can find it.

That's why we have created the Hot Deal Spy Amazon Discount Tool. There are often thousands of products available at lower prices and by filling in our simple form you can pick the discount that you would like (you should play around with this a bit because some items are frequently very heavily discounted, but others, such as large appliances may only be found with 10-20% discounts, however, because of their high original price tag can still amount to you getting some fantastic deals. Don't be afraid to search a few times it'll help you find those hidden bargains!)

There are, of course, a few other things you should consider when hunting for the best deals at Amazon.

It's really important to check that a discount price really is a good deal by checking prices elsewhere, for example, you might want to look at eBay just in case someone has listed what you were looking for at a completely unmissable price. Sometimes a price will be displayed as being cut, but actually it was already higher than it could have been so the discount drop isn't so fantastic after all. The message here is that you should try to keep your wits about you when doing your online shopping. Naturally, this same advice applies to all types of online store just as it would on the high street.

Another good tip is that you should aim to get free delivery wherever possible. You can't always do it, especially if you're buying from a third party seller, but if you're buying products listed by Amazon directly, you'll be able to get free delivery subject to a minimum spend. Don't miss out on that deal, its a big money saver. If your basket price comes in below the minimum threshold, simply place a few household essentials in there. You'd have bought them anyway as part of your weekly or monthly shopping trip and this way you can avoid paying any extra above the cost of the items you wanted to buy.

You should remember to run your search through the Amazon Discount Finder before refining it when you're redirected to the Amazon website. That way you'll only be looking at the real deals where discount has been applied.